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Doley The Guatemalan Street Dog Children’s Book

Children's Book Dogs ArtIt’s such a pleasure to get a children’s book that not only has a story that children can easily follow, but which also has something special to which adults can relate. Doley The Guatemalan Street Dog by Seattle based author Jill Brazier, is such a book. While Doley has a simple story line, the illustrations by Marcio Diaz are magical and highlight Brazier’s endearing description of the life of a special Guatemalan street dog named Doley. The happy simplicity of Doley’s life is one which most grown-ups would envy.

The idea for the book came from Brazier’s real-life experience living in a bamboo tree-house above Lake Atitlan, in the small village of San Marcos, La Laguna. At twenty years-old, Jill met Doley, a starving little street dog. She nurtured Doley back to health and they spent the next fourteen years together as best friends and travel companions.Chidren's Book Dogs Art

Artist Marcio Diaz was born in a small farming community in Northern Nicaragua. His experiences as a child growing up in a rural environment gave him an awareness of natural beauty and lifestyle that he brings to his art with bold, vibrant and rich colors.

Doley the Guatemalan Street Dog is available on Amazon. To find out more about Jill Brazier and Marcio Diaz visit .