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Best Seattle Doggie Halloween Parties & Parades

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I think dog Halloween parades, dog Halloween parties, and dog Halloween costumes are the bees knees. My dog Pipa, however, has tried to make me an opponent of doggie dress-up time. She has made it clear that under no circumstances will she be wearing the ridiculously super neato harem costume; apparently she won’t even be wearing a t-shirt. The only way I could enter a people/pooch costume contest is if I dressed like her. So basically, she insists on raining on my doggie Halloween parade…. but that doesn’t mean she has to rain on everyone else’s!!!

Here’s a list of the best dog Halloween parades and Dog-O-Ween parties taking place in Seattle this weekend. If anyone’s participating please send pics, I’d love to do a collage – maybe Pipa will take the hint.

My Top Pick

Dog Halloween Contest Run Scared 5K SeattleOctober 28
Run Scared 5K in Seward Park. Run, walk, do the zombie shuffle, whatever works for you, at this event benefiting The Leukemia and Lymphoma Society. Dogs on short leashes allowed and there will be a costume contest for pups afterwards.
9AM at Seward Park, click here for a course map.

Other Spooktacular Options 

October 27
Pug-O-Ween. In addition to pugs in costumes (you know how awesome any pug looks in costume) there will be pug races and pug-friendly vendors.
1-3pm at Bitter Lake Community Center (13035 Linden Ave N., Seattle)

October 28
Dmarie’s Dog-O-Ween Pawty. Includes costume runway and The Dining Dog pie eating contest.
1-3pm at Dmarie’s Doggie Boutique (9639 Firdale Ave, Suite B, Edmonds)

October 29
Central Bark’s 1st Howl-O-Ween party.  Bobbing for hot dogs – need I say more. Oh yes –  and pie eating contests (for dogs), musical sit, dog and human goodies, photos, and much more!
2-4pm at Central Bark (838 Poplar Place South, Seattle)

October 30
CityDog Howl-at-the-Moon Muttmixer. There will be a costume contest with categories like Best Pack (group), Best Dog + Owner pair, Most Original and more!
6-8pm at Woodmark Hotel (1200 Carillon Point, Kirkland)


Cutest Halloween Dog Costumes This Season!

Cute Halloween Dog Costumes

Somehow this only got 1 star on Amazon. Presumably it was from the dog.

This is the time of year when dogs have to put on their game face and just accept the fact that humans are stupid.

There is not one reason on earth why your dog needs to dress up like a lobster, but it will happen so fido just has to suck it up and be happy they’re not dressed like a Whoopie Cushion…. Oh wait, the Whoopie cushion costume is totally on my list of this season’s cutest dog costumes!!!!

Clearly, a Frenchie or a Pug in ANYTHING is gonna look cute, but these picks for cutest dog halloween costumes of the season will make any dog look adorable/pissed off!

If someone out there goes with any of these costumes send me a pic!

[Note: Some of these cover a dog’s ears. This can be really disconcerting as they can’t hear properly. So if your dog has a problem with headgear, try cutting holes out so their ears will be exposed. They’ll still totally hate you for putting them in a costume, but at least their seething anger will be tamed to a smoldering dislike.]

Cute Top Dog Halloween Costumes

Panda Dog Costume. $23.50 All sizes.

Cute Top Halloween Dog Costumes

Harem Dog Costume. $11.69-18.83.

Top Cute Halloween Dog Costumes

Whoopi Cushion Dog Costume. $12.99 All sizes.

Cute Halloween Costumes for Dogs

Riding Jockey Dog Costume. $20.29. One size fits all!!

Top Halloween Costumes for Dogs

Little Red Riding Hood Dog Costume. $21-30. 30% off!!