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Free Adoptions & Doggie Museum Road Trips This Weekend!

As it starts getting chillier we sadly see much less in the way of fun outdoor doggie events. This is ironic as most of our dogs would be happier attending these fetes in colder weather.  Just like how they hold off peeing so they can talk longer a walk even though you’re totally freezing because you hadn’t gone out with you warm jacket on…. Sorry bit of a tangent. (Pip, you know what I’m talking about.)

Anyhoo! Even if there aren’t as many Doggie Jamborees as we’ve had over the past couple of months there is a huge doggie event taking place and tons of great opportunities to adopt a pet – particularly this weekend.

Let’s start with an event for people who feel the need to enrich their dog’s understanding of science and want to take a road trip…

Doggie Palooza Dog Event Portland Pacific Northwest

Oct. 14; 10 am-5 pm in Portland at the World Forestry Center, Washington Park.

This Celebration of All Things Dog has it all –  treats and toys, training advice, a fashion show, a costume contest. Even more stupendous, this is the one day in the year that dogs are allowed in the Discovery Museum. As all dog lovers know, dogs LOVE being able to go places that are clearly not meant for dogs. They think going to the Post Office is cool. So a museum?!!! Heck yeah they want to go and check out exhibits! I mean if they can get that much information from sniffing butts then, imagine how much they’d learn from going to a museum.

Now if you’re not up for taking a long drive this weekend, that’s cool, because this is a great weekend for adopting a pet!

Seattle Humane is having a FREE adoption blitz. During this weekend only all adoption fees will be waived on every dog andSeattle Humane Free Adoptions cat in Seattle Humane’s care. The adoption blitz kicks off this Friday, Oct. 11  at 11 am and on Saturday, Oct. 13 from  10:30 am –3 pm they will have a TAILgate party to give you more chances to check out adoptable pets.  So fill out your pre-adoption questionnaire and visit Seattle Humane’s site to see the dogs and cats up for adoption. (I know it’s BarkofSeattle, but when it comes to getting homes for pets then I got to give the kittehs some love too!)

Another big adoption event will be Wags and Whiskers Pet Adoption and Block Party;Oct. 14 from 11 am-2 pm at the Fred Meyer parking lot, corner of Alderwood Mall Parkway and 164th St. S.W., Lynnwood. Eight animal shelters and rescue groups will be there with dogs and cats available for adoption. There will be a Halloween costume contest for pets, activities for kids and vendors. For more information visit

Finally, the fine folks at Homeward Pet Adoption Center in Woodinville are offering Free ID Microchips Oct. 12-13 from 10 am – 2 pm; 18800 Woodinville-Snohomish Road. Free identification microchips for dogs and cats will be given while supplies last. Pets must be spayed or neutered to get the free chip. For more information visit

Check back on Monday for a full listing of Halloween pet events, because your dog really wants to dress up like Thor.

Dangers of Online Pet Pharmacies

Pet Pharmacies WarningsMany dog lovers like myself will spend every last dime doing tests, getting vaccinations, and buying the best foods. Let’s be clear – my dog had insurance YEARS before I did. And I was po’.  My only concern was that if something happened to my uninsured butt that my adequately covered parents – yeah, her grandparents – would be there for her.

I know I’m not alone. So I thought this FDA warning about online pet pharmacies was particularly important. The thing is  once we’ve spent all our money figuring out what’s wrong, we think maybe we can shop around for the treatment.  Makes sense. However, online pharmacies for pets are just like online pharmacies for humans… there are good ones and bad ones.  We’ve all heard about online pharmacies that offered basement prices on high demand drugs only to find out they were selling placebos. The same holds true for pet drugs. There are sites that will sell you drugs with no pharmaceutical value and you will be none the wiser while your pet suffers for it.

Here are some red flags to look out for when buying from online pet pharmacies:

  • Site does not require veterinary prescriptions for prescription medicines.
  • Site has no licensed pharmacist available to answer questions.
  • Site does not list its physical business address, phone number, or other contact information.
  • Site is not based in the United States. (If an out-of-country site fraudulently takes your money, there’s not much the U.S. government can do to help you get your money back.)
  • Site is not licensed by the State Board of Pharmacy where the business is based. (If the site operates in the United States, check the National Association of Boards of Pharmacy (NABP) website to see if the pharmacy is properly licensed.)
  • Site’s prices are dramatically lower than your veterinarian’s or other websites’ prices.

For full information visit the FDA’s Animal Health Literacy site.

Pet Pantry Helps Families Take Care of Pets in Tough Times

Pet Food Bank Pet Pantry Seattle Blue Dog BakeryThe Blue Dog Bakery Pet Pantry is wonderfully thoughtful program that helps stock dog treats at food pantries in selected cities around the country. People have been relying more and more on food pantries in this tough economy. With so many people needing a hand it’s easy to forget that if a family is having trouble keeping food on the table, they may also be having a hard time keeping kibble in the bowl.

Through December 2012, when you buy a specially marked box of Blue Dog Bakery treats, you send a free box to a participating food bank. So everytime you do something good for your pup, you’re making the day better for another pup out there.

This Saturday, October 6, Blue Dog and Rainier Food Bank will have their Pet Pantry Palooza in order to get more boxes on the shelves of area food banks. Check out Rainier Valley Food Bank site to find out more about Pet Pantry Palooza and to find out more about the Pet Pantry visit Blue Dog Bakery.

Seattle Weekend Dog Events Oct 5-7!

Seattle Dog Events BarkofSeattleFound some fun dog events around Seattle to enjoy this weekend. Some are re-occuring – like Reading with Rover which will always get a shout out from me for their great work with children’s literacy – and then some are super extra special like the Dock Dogs Competition. So here we go…

Reading with Rover
October 6; 11-12noon (Snohomish Library and Edmonds Library)
This organization uses therapy dogs to help kids have confidence while working on their reading skills. It’s a brilliant program that really helps kids and reminds us of how powerful dogs can be in helping us deal with difficult life challenges. So in this case, the kids are awesome for making the effort, and the dogs are awesome for being there! Reading with Rover will hold two sessions on Saturday, October 6th from 11am-12noon at both the Snohomish Library and the Edmonds Library. For more information visit the Reading with Rover’s events page.

Blue Dog Bakery’s Pet Treat Palooza
October 6; 3-6PM (Seattle – Genesee Park)
This event celebrates the launch of Blue Dog Bakery’s Pet Treat Pantry program which helps place  healthy pet treats in the food pantries around the country so that both people and pups can get a little help in tough times. There will be live music, a caricature artist, complimentary dog nail clipping and brushing, and food for all. Great cause and sure to be a fun event!!

Puget Sound Dock Dogs at Issaquah Salmon Days Festival
October 6-7th; Sat. 9-5PM/Sun. 9-4PM (Issaquah – 155 NW Gilman Blvd.)
Does your dog dive? Does your dog totally get stoked at the prospect of fetching and retrieving stuff floating in the water?! Mine doesn’t. But if yours does, you should try entering the Dock Dogs canine aquatics competition in Issaquah this weekend. There will be Big Air, Speed Retrieve Wave, or Extreme Vertical competitions. Any one can enter as long as your dog is a good swimmer and loves bringing toys out of the water. And even if that isn’t your pooch’s thing you can have fun watching those other dare-devils! Register and get more information at the Dock Dogs site.

Awesome Treat Alert: Stella & Chewy’s!!!!!!!!

Best Dog Treats ReviewJust to start this off – Stella & Chewy’s are so crazy, ridiculously good that my friends and I call it ‘doggie crack’.

To be clear I have not personally tried Stella & Chewy’s. Not just because they are for dogs (there was that late-night Milkbone incident), but because they are a raw food. However, the trembles that go through my dog’s body and the creepy way she stares at me when I say “You want a Stella & Chewy’s?” is all the proof I need that these treats are perhaps the best treats on the planet.

I’ve got a picky dog so I spend lots of time and money buying treats that end up going moldy or going to other dogs. Plus I started researching how to properly read nutrition labels and now I actually agree with Pip’s sorry opinion of many of the treats that are on the market.  So when I came across Stella & Chewy’s a few years ago, I was tickled pink to see that these ‘treats’ were actually a primo freeze-dried dog food made from things like:

* Naturally-raised meat, poultry and fish sourced from USDA-inspected facilities
* Organic fruits and vegetables including cranberries, carrots, apples, spinach, broccoli and beets.
* Direct-fed microorganisms (probiotics)

Then on top of that, she actually took them from the person at the store!

The words “Stella & Chewy’s” bring the same level of doggie joy and excitement as “Car ride”. That says A LOT.

So quick rundown: Stella & Chewy’s can be a bit tricky to find in the store. You need to check pet stores that carry a lot of natural and organic brands. Here in Seattle I know that Fido-n-Scratch (Leschi & Madrona), Immortal Dog (Central District), and Happy Endings Urban Mercantile (Capitol Hill) carry these treats. If you have trouble finding them near you, check out Stella & Chewy’s website: You can either get the actual treats (Carnivore Crunch and Carnivor Kisses) or the Freeze Dried Dinners which come in Chicken, Beef, Duck, Lamb, and Surf & Turf. I prefer to get the dinners and break them up into treat sizes.

I strongly recommend you give these a try  – you (and your dog) will be very happy you did!

2 Million Dogs Puppy Up March (Seattle Area) March Against Canine Cancer!! Sept. 29th

2 Million Dogs Canine Cancer Seattle EventIt seems as though dogs are getting cancer at younger and younger ages. My dearest friend’s dog was diagnosed with cancer at 3 – thankfully it was easily removed and she is now a grande dame at 15. However, another woman recently told me of how her 5 year old Golden passed away from cancer and my heart broke for her. It’s ALWAYS too early to loose your dog, but the idea that you don’t even get to 10 is simply unbearable.

2 Million Dogs is an organization whose mission is to discover the causes of cancers and their common link in both pets and people. 2 Million Dogs was sparked by a Luke Robinson who embarked on a walk from Austin, TX to Boston, MA  – along with his two dogs – after being inspired by the loss of his Great Pyrenees to cancer.

Luke and his dogs built a nationwide grassroots movement as they walked from town to town sharing Malcolm’s story and educating people about cancer in dogs. Since that first walk they’ve had hundreds of events across the country that to draw attention to canine cancer and raise funds for research.

This Saturday, September 29th in Issaquah, WA there will be a 2 Million Dogs Puppy Up! walk. The walk will start at 10am from the Earth Pet store at 1175 Nw Gilman Blvd Issaquah, WA.  After the walk there will be vendors, food, games, prizes, raffles, adoptions, blood drive, local artists and more!!

For more information about tomorrow’s event email Earth Pet at and visit the 2 Million Dogs site to find out more about how you can get involved in the fight against canine cancer.

Awesome Deal Alert!! Up to 64% Off Pet Grooming in Bellevue (1 Day Left)

Groupon Pet Deal Seattle

If you’re anything like me, you generally ignore Groupon emails unless the subject heading refers to a deal that’s:

A. Such a magnificent/horrendous waste of money you simply MUST buy it, like Cheese Making classes, or

B. Such an incredibly useful and responsible allocation of funds that it would be silly not to buy it like……

Up to 64% off of Services from

A Pampered Pooch (NW Bellevue)

Choose from Three Options

  • $29 for a grooming package for any size dog, plus nail grinding (up to an $80 value)
  • $39 for three nights of dog boarding (up to a $105 value)
  • $49 for five days of doggy daycare (up to a $125 value)

The grooming package (up to a $65 value) includes a bath, brush, and dry, as well as ear cleaning, gland expression, and a pad regime. Nail grinding (a $15 value), as opposed to a standard nail trim, smoothes each nail to a soft finish. For dog boarding, owners must drop off their dogs before 9 a.m. on the first day and pick them up before noon on the last day. Daycare dogs may be dropped off and picked up anytime within daycare hours.

For details check out the Groupon deal for A Pampered Pooch. To find out more about A Pampered Pooch check out their site.