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Awesome Treat Alert: Stella & Chewy’s!!!!!!!!

Best Dog Treats ReviewJust to start this off – Stella & Chewy’s are so crazy, ridiculously good that my friends and I call it ‘doggie crack’.

To be clear I have not personally tried Stella & Chewy’s. Not just because they are for dogs (there was that late-night Milkbone incident), but because they are a raw food. However, the trembles that go through my dog’s body and the creepy way she stares at me when I say “You want a Stella & Chewy’s?” is all the proof I need that these treats are perhaps the best treats on the planet.

I’ve got a picky dog so I spend lots of time and money buying treats that end up going moldy or going to other dogs. Plus I started researching how to properly read nutrition labels and now I actually agree with Pip’s sorry opinion of many of the treats that are on the market.  So when I came across Stella & Chewy’s a few years ago, I was tickled pink to see that these ‘treats’ were actually a primo freeze-dried dog food made from things like:

* Naturally-raised meat, poultry and fish sourced from USDA-inspected facilities
* Organic fruits and vegetables including cranberries, carrots, apples, spinach, broccoli and beets.
* Direct-fed microorganisms (probiotics)

Then on top of that, she actually took them from the person at the store!

The words “Stella & Chewy’s” bring the same level of doggie joy and excitement as “Car ride”. That says A LOT.

So quick rundown: Stella & Chewy’s can be a bit tricky to find in the store. You need to check pet stores that carry a lot of natural and organic brands. Here in Seattle I know that Fido-n-Scratch (Leschi & Madrona), Immortal Dog (Central District), and Happy Endings Urban Mercantile (Capitol Hill) carry these treats. If you have trouble finding them near you, check out Stella & Chewy’s website: You can either get the actual treats (Carnivore Crunch and Carnivor Kisses) or the Freeze Dried Dinners which come in Chicken, Beef, Duck, Lamb, and Surf & Turf. I prefer to get the dinners and break them up into treat sizes.

I strongly recommend you give these a try  – you (and your dog) will be very happy you did!


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  1. My dog LOOOVES those treats. She is a fussy eater so it says A LOT. Having said that, I do recall some home-baked breakfast bars that our blogger couldn’t resist, which my little canine wasn’t as certain about. It must have been the egg-shells I mixed in. However it’s good to know that whoever ate them has strong teeth and bones…

  2. I am glad you found something that works for you. We sometimes bring these patties with us when we go camping because they are nice and light. There are a few pet stores on the North end that carry them.

    I have never been to either of these pet stores. As a blogger and dog lover I like to check out new stores and write about them if they are way cool. I am hopefully going to Fido-n-Scratch tomorrow for that pet nutrition talk. I will look into the other one.


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