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Info On Nov. 3rd Pet Nutritionist Patti Howard

My free dog nutrition education event featuring Pet Nutritionist Extraordinaire, Patti Howard, is coming up next Saturday!!

I’ve been running around putting notices up on phone poles and have decided that the reason they keep disappearing is because people love them so much they’re taking them home and framing them. Let’s just go with that. Anyway, I’m doing my best to make sure every dog lover in the vicinity knows about this event, because Patti has so much valuable information to share and I don’t want anyone to miss out!

Here’s some background on Patti and hope to see you at the event!

Patti Howard, BS, CCS

Dog nutrition behavior training Bark of Seattle Event SpeakerEver since Patti could remember, dogs have been her sanctuary. Like many of us, nothing in life could pull her away from her love of them. Even in her start, she opened her own training studio and pet specialty store–committed to challenging owners to give their dogs an even better life. Patti received her Bachelor of Science in nutrition and through extensive continuing education she has become a Certified Canine Nutrition Specialist. But what really sets Patti aside from other nutrition experts is her complete foundation in canine studies. Patti graduated from the Seattle School of Canine Studies where she continued to hone her incredible diagnostic skills with canine behavior modification. It was at this point where Patti began to apply her nutrition programs not only for improving health, but also improving behavior. Patti is an integral part of all our success with our clients thanks to her expertise in service dog training, progressive behavior modification, and nutrition. She is an inspirational student of science, a born teacher, and her passion for dogs is unparalleled.


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